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Note: Allways trust your personal calendar first, but it do not cancel overall backgroud, which is described here.

Review of w9 (01.03.-07.03.)
This week is good for educational and intellectual activities. New perspectives appear, various business contacts and relationships are progressing well. We also need to seize the opportunities associated with unexpected, interesting financial perspectives, acquaintances and contacts.
Still (and all year round) in the background, Saturn forms a square with Uranus - a difficult, crisis and rather long period of conflict between the need to put advanced methods and technologies into practice (and change your worldview from this point of view) and conservative, well-established beliefs.
The lunar phase shifts from a full moon at the end of the week to a decreasing one - most of the week there is still an opportunity to work at full capacity to turne in to the completion of the processes over the weekend.
01./02.03- time of diplomacy practice. A good time for cooperation, communication, social activities, networking. An orderly, comfortable and aesthetic environment will promote balance. The downside is indecision, lack of initiative, difficulty or unwillingness to do hard work.
03./04.03.- favorably engage in work where willpower and effort are required. It will do well in analyzing or resolving crisis situations. Issues that have seemed unresolved so far can be addressed to eliminate all that is old and out of date. It is better to listen and observe than to go to contacts. 04.03.Mars move to the sign of Gemini - activity enters the field of communication, technology, media, training. Energy is channeled into communication - it is important to not only talk, but actually do, what is needed.
05./06.03.- the desire to learn something new, to start the implementation of projects increases, the sense of justice also intensifies. It's hard to focus on exact numbers, details. Not a perfect time to prepare reports. 05.03.- the tightened day of the week.
07.03. - to focus well on practical, useful activities that require patience and more workload. Focus on achievements and tangible results. Work where it is necessary to systematize, organize, manage. Plan your next week, arrange your workplace.

Review of w8 (22.02.-28.02.)
A good opportunity to change your work style this week. Positive opportunities are emerging in solving corporate issues. Opportunity to achieve high work efficiency, progress in business.
All week the energy is upward. Until 27.02, a full month - better start all new projects, which until now (because of Mercury movement in retrograde) was not favorable. This week- full power ahead.
22./23./24.02.- pay attention to economic and environmental issues. Sentiment and increased emotionality, resentment and mistrust can enter the mood. Given that the field of communication is still tense, these days it is desirable to focus more on work alone.
24./25./26.02.- enthusiasm, joy of life, self-confidence and desire to act increase. The excitement and willingness to take risks is growing. These days, you can also overestimate your options without taking a reckless risk. These are the busiest days of the week, with the greatest potential for conflict. Starting from 25.02. Money and  financial issues include relaxation(Venus turn to Pisces), less rational considerations and subjectivity.
27./28.02.- Will do well in matters that require precision, patience and concentration. Weekend with solving practical questions. A good time for private accounting, financial reporting.

Review of W7 (15.02.-21.02.)
19.02. Rising Moon - from planning to doing; Important- new projects and starts should be slowed down this whole week, when the retrograde Mercury period ends. (All week Mercury retrograde - see previous week's description).
17.02. Saturn forms an exact square with Uranus - a complex, crisis and rather long period of conflict between the need to put advanced methods and technologies into practice (and from this point of view change one's worldview) and one's own conservative, generally accepted views.

15.16.02. We become more active, more energetic. Good for jobs that are short and quick to do, harder to focus on routine work and discipline. It is advisable not to be enthusiastic about solving common financial issues.
17,18,19.02. The busiest time of the week. Good to stick to practical, real, household issues. Schedule extra execution time for some work to be done - slower response, desire to slip.
20.21.02. A good time for humor, intellectual activities.

Review of W6 (08.02.-14.02)
11.02. New Moon. Until then, it is desirable to complete, arrange and draw conclusions. Around / after the New Moon - plan, but do not start real action. Lowest level of energy and involvement.
Mercury retrograde throughout the week (see description in previous weeks).
Saturn also forms a square with Uranus all week - a rather long period of conflict between the need to put advanced methods and technologies into practice (and from this point of view change one's worldview) and one's own conservative, generally accepted views.
07., 08., 09.02. Focus on work, career, utility and discipline. Intellectual activity, return of ideas, contacts and the possibility of transactions - be careful, retrograde Mercury can promote some misunderstandings and corrections after.
10., 11.02. Possibility of non-constructive disputes in transactions, finances, haste and mistakes in cooperation with foreign countries, trauma in working with tools, technics.
12., 13., 14.02. Favorable time for exchange of views, talks, expression of views of both parties, consultations. A great time to pay attention to your talents and skills, to relax and recharge.

Review of W5 (01.02.-07.02)
During the lunar period, the energy and desire for involvement decreases. The action needs to be focused on auditing and streamlining.
Mercury retrograde all week - an unfavorable time for new business and acquaintances, if you intend to continue this activity in the future. There can be delays and obstacles in business communication.
At the very beginning of the week, Venus passes the sign of Aquarius. Speed and eccentricity can appear in financial transactions. It is desirable to slow it down this week. A potentially good time to look at where the financial flow can be constructively minimized or even stopped under the given conditions.
Contacts can be successfully maintained remotely, but at the same time socialization must be planned and at the same time open to various unexpected obstacles.
It is advisable not to overestimate your options and to control your ambitions until the middle of the week.
03.02.-04.02. the most stressful moment, when it is definitely not recommended to start anything significant. Difficult days - impulsivity, unwillingness to cooperate constructively, tendency to conflicts, unexpected changes in plans, violations, organizational problems may arise. It is desirable to work alone, as well as to focus on charitable goals.

Review of W4 (25.01.-31.01.)
The issues of strength, restraint and moderation are still continuing from the previous week.
26.01. an initiative for extraordinary activities and innovations will not be justified, it can only lead to unexpected misunderstandings, unpleasant changes or damage at work. Stubbornness is a great path not to take a lot of good advice.
27.01. Hypersensitivity may interfere with work tasks. Shopping under the influence of emotions may prove unnecessary later. It is better to refrain from participating in social activities.
28.01. It is desirable to avoid public speeches, discussions - not to get involved in explaining the relationship. A critical day for the financial sector. Some modifications and updates are required. Full moon today - the culmination and realization of energy, processes initiated on 13.01.
No 29.01. new strategies, the need for growth, expanding the scope of activities, resolving legal issues, bringing claims to court are becoming more relevant. Discipline, planning and adequate assessment and application of one's own strengths and competition are very important.
31.01.- 21.02. Retrograde Mercury - it is important not to start anything new in business transactions - agreements concluded during this time, contracts will most likely have to be revised, mistakes and various stupid misunderstandings occur. You can return to once started, incomplete questions, contacts.

Review of W3 (18.01.-24.01)
Growing moon phase - growing energy and desire to get involved in the processes.
From 14.01.- 22.01.
Negative surprises associated with unhealthy optimism, lack of experience, or inadequate underestimation of past events. Tendency to make hasty decisions. Negative surprises in contacts with foreigners, foreign entrepreneurs.
19.01. The Sun passes in the sign of Aquarius. Activates IT, associations, clubs, charity.
20.01. Impulsivity, striving for independence in action. Initiative, entrepreneurial spirit, unusual steps in business or politics. The period is favorable for the introduction of modern technologies and communications. Be carefull handling various tools, equipment, fire, electricity, driving vehicles. Events that bring changes.
23.01. Lack of moderation, tendency to unreasonable and erroneous actions, financial transactions and investments can cause tangible trouble, loss of profits, losses. Theft, robbery are possible. Ambitions in politics, economics, business, academic or cultural activities, failures in publishing. Doing business abroad can fail. Unsuccessful period for going to court, receiving legal advice, and visiting official and community organizations.
The effects of emotions and unrealistic projects should be avoided, as financial errors and incorrect calculations are possible, as well as covert deception and fraud, intrigue and defamation. Good day for contacts with distant partners. An interest in culture and the arts can affect your business or daily activities. The day is basically good for working alone.
24.01. You will find that some people and circumstances simply test your patience, endurance, and restraint.
* dates indicate the exact day of the topic, the topic itself can be relevant before and after.

Review of W2 (11.01.-17.01)
Until Wednesday- the Old Moon- which results with inactivity in operational activities. From Wednesday energy level is rising.
The background of the whole week (exact implementation 13.01.) - the desire to speed up various processes only creates new obstacles. Nor do actions aimed at stabilizing positions produce the desired effect. Restrictions on any active steps. Business contacts should preferably be kept to a minimum. Bureaucracy and unnecessary formalities. An unhealthy period for military personnel, politicians, production workers, craftsmen.
11.01. A good moment for educational, intellectual activity and future planning. Contacts and relationships are progressing well. Communication with foreign companies and partners is favorable. Good day to communicate with communication and information institutions.
12.01. Original, but impractical or impossible idejas can rise. Not a good time to negotiate and organize documents. Caution - there may be damage to communication equipment, electronics, office equipment, vehicles. Unexpected visits and calls.
13.01.-14.01. A time of creative inspiration. Unexpected acquaintances, new promising contacts. Sudden financial income, profits or gifts are possible. Some financial freedom. Good day for purchasing office equipment, modernizing production and working conditions.
14.01.-15.01.Energy inflow, increased activity and willpower. The issues of big finances, taxes, insurance, profit distribution, total capital investment come to light. These days, it is important to avoid illegal activities. This is not the time to contact the authorities and gather. Possible crisis situations.
From 14.01.- 22.01. Negative surprises associated with unhealthy optimism, lack of experience, or inadequate underestimation of past events. Tendency to make hasty decisions. Negative surprises in contacts with foreigners, foreign entrepreneurs.

Review of W1 (04.01.-10.01)
06.01. decreasing Moon - energy descending, the desire to engage in general processes decreases.
07.01. Mars (risk) passes to the sign of Taurus - energy tends to do practical work where we find tangible benefits. Motivation is needed, nothing will be done without it.
08.01. Mercury (communication) moves to the sign of Aquarius - open, free, also eccentric thinking and manner of speech. Better communicate through technologies. Focus on innovations and improvement..
08.01. Venus (money) Capricorn - in finances, purchases, relationships we become cooler, more pragmatic. Understand what you want, set priorities.

21.12.2020 at 20:21 (Eastern European time, Riga) a new Social Cycle is formed (Jupiter connects with Saturn in the sign of Aquarius), which marks the course of the next 20 years. This time also marks the beginning of an even greater period - for the next 120 years these connections will take place only in the Air Element, replacing the previous Earth Element.
If the element of the Earth is more about material and tactility, then the Air is about temporaryness, maneuverability. The Earth is realistic, concrete, long-lasting, the Air is idealistic, abstract, changeable. The element of Air is more about contacts, lightness, objectivity. Learning is a natural state. An air element rises above conflict, usually thinking before doing anything. Constant movement forward.
Aquarius in itself is about progress, friendship, logic, but at the same time can be sharp, eccentric, unpredictable. This era changes the focus from expressive authorities to the collective, like-minded people. There are certain frames, but their observance is not so dogmatic. There is discipline, but not as heavy as in the Earth. The main thing at this time is the idea - everything else is subordinate.
This is the beginning of a time of new solutions, technological innovations.

From 19-12-2021 focus of development / expansion chages (Jupiter joins Saturn in the sign of Aquarius). During this period, the main emphasis on development is openness and innovation.
Advantageous areas such as smart devices, artificial intelligence, computers, technology, electronics, electrical appliances, laser systems and components, space technology, media, TV and cable TV, radio, inernet and airlines, astrology, parapsychology, clubs, societies, charity . Negative effects may include rising prices or inadequate exaggeration in these areas.
At the private level, friendship and the desire to learn increase the success factor.
P.S. it must be taken into account that at the same time things must be approached with a rational expansion (Saturn is also in Aquarius). Caution and concer affect the volume of transactions.

Starting from 17-12-2020 traditions, borders and decisions fundamentally enter non-contact, virtual environment for a long period. We saw test period already from 22-03-2020 to 02-07-2020, when Saturn entered in Aquarius- time period, which forced us to change all we have used to and this continues now.
All inovative areas become as a work field on daily basis. Main chalenge is to unite teams together. Strict rules and adherence to traditions and principles may fail. It is whole new world coming.

14.10.2020-03.11.2020- "R Comunication" (in astrology called retrograde Mercury)- all kind of comunication errors can be expected. Better turn your focus to old questions, paperworks and mails. Any new actions can be easily misunderstood or even lost now.

10-09-2020 -14-11-2020- "R Risk" (in astrology called retrograde Mars)

11-05-2020- 29-09-2020- "R Decisions" (in astrology called retrograde Saturn)

13-05-2020- 25-06-2020- "R Money" (in astrology called retrograde Venus)

14-05-2020- 13-09-2020- "R New things" (in astrology called retrograde Jupiter)

14-05-2020- 13-09-2020- "R Comunication" (retrograde Mercury)

A period characterized by all kinds of errors and misunderstandings on certain topics. It is best to focus on old or already started things. If you start something new in the current period, take into account that corrections and revision of issues will be necessary.

Today, the global economic slowdown affected by the virus requires everyone- individually and at the same time all companies, societies, and countries together- to take a huge and serious responsibility for themselves and their fellow human beings for the best possible future scenario. 22-03-2020 marks a milestone that will require an increased focus on non-contact transfer (in astrological terminology - Saturn passes in Aquarius) and by the end of this year, after realizing all the implications, making statistics, drawing conclusions, we will move on to the next block, where this field will be significantly dominated. There will be new opportunities as well as new needs to set new frames and norms for those working on the platform. New settings were expected anyway as following development cycle, but certainly without such an initiator.

For now- let’s be responsible, diligent and accountable for introducing innovative forms and models of action that will save and help not only ourselves but those most affected by change.

17.02.2019-10.03.2019- "R Comunication" (in astrology called retrograde Mercury)- all kind of comunication errors can be expected. Better turn your focus to old questions, paperworks and mails. Any new actions can be easily misunderstood or even lost now.

12-01-2020. is the day that marks the beginning of a new, next 33-year astrological climate or global background in which we will live. (astrologically Saturn connects with Pluto in Capricorn). This time may be marked by significant changes in the structures, traditions, as well as in the corridors of the authority, which are certainly stable in present, but can expect changes in near future. In general this is more a change of direction of global events.

29-12.-15-01-2020. facts, goals, achievements (in astrological terminology - Mercury in the Capricorn)

• Negotiations and transactions are more slowly, more thoroughly and with a conservatism boost.
• Partner can talk little or not talk at all and, if he or she speaks, then strictly about the subject and matter.
• Our feelings are currently not interested to anyone.
• Focus on long-term goals.
• We spend money on long-term goods, conservative values.

09-12-2019- 28-12-2019 - let's think higher, further, wider! (Astrologycaly Mercury in Sagittarius) The Contacts symbol on your calendar indicates when to talk, when to avoid addressing important topics. But HOW to speak and how fast these conversations will take place is determined by the planet's movement through zodiac.

• A philosophical time that allows you to jump from your everyday life and think in larger categories about your life.
• Review your missions, visions and strategies for next year, planning trips, training!
• Conversations might become so optimistic that it will be difficult to resist this excitement. Expect it will be difficult to get someone solve issues that are topical here and now- on the ground.


02.12.2019.-19.12.2020. "New stage of development" (in astrological terminology - Jupiter passes the sign of Capricorn). During this period, the main focus of development is on clear goal setting, planning and follow-up.
An advantageous segment in the fields of architecture and construction, paper and wood products, heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, cement, concrete, mineral extraction, rubber and tires, leather goods, railways and manufacturing. Enlargement and expansion can also be observed in state institutions and services, in the highest political bodies and in administrative centers. Negative effects may include rising prices or inadequate exaggeration in these areas.
At the private level - without defining goals, fears and brakes will tend to increase.
P.S. note that as of 20.12.2017. there are relatively slow indications in these areas (Saturn in Capricorn). Caution and concern affect the volume of transactions.


31.10.2019-19.11.2019-  "R Comunication" (in astrology called retrograde Mercury)- all kind of comunication errors can be expected. Better turn your focus to old questions, paperworks and mails. Any new actions can be easily misunderstood or even lost now. 

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