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Q If I sign a major contract, which astrocalendar should I watch – mine or companies?
A Look at yours and also the companies. If there is a discrepancy, rely on your own.

Q Which date should I indicate - when decided to establish a company, the firm has been registered or when it actually started to operate?
A The date when the company is registered.

Q I've heard that the time of birth is very important in establishing astrological chart. Is it used here?
A It is used in partly. Perhaps in the future we will create a calendar, which will use all data completely and will bring even greater accuracy. At present, all over the world the time of birth for specific forecasts use astrologers mainly in individual consultations.

Q What do I do if contracts is red whole month in my astrocalendar? Not to enter into any contracts with the risk of losing business?
A It will be your responsibility if you enter into a contract at such time. Such periods are called crises, those periods are in every person’s life. In these times everything goes harder. If you are not afraid of difficulties, you may run the risk. We recommend negotiating it with the astrologers in person.

Q What do I do if the green Contract recommends « start long-term projects, makes decisions, enter into a contract" and on the same day the red Communication symbol warns "do not lead the negotiations, do not sign contract, do not settle working relationships"?
A You can make strategic decisions, but not to sign the documents.

Q I would like to start a company. Do I have to wait for a date when all the charms in astrocalendar will be green?
A No, don’t. Setting up a company must be in a good day, meanwhile your astrocalendar may not be ideal. The key to the success is that company is registered in a good day. For better result turn to astrologers, because you have to choose the best date for your sphere of activity!

Q If I do not own a business, how can astrocalendar be useful to me?
A Astrocalendar tells you ahead, when to go to a job interview or “drink coffee” with the boss, when to hold brainstorming or move to a new place or residence, when to expect gainings and incomes or to schedule a valuable purchase, when signing an insurance contract, in the end - when to take risks and start your own business.


Q What should I do if something goes wrong during registration?
A Please contact customer service by and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Q I paid the bill, but astrocalendar data is still not available. What's going on?
A Unfortunately, the fact that you have paid the bill we learn only when the bank transfer reaches our account (it can be shorter or longer depending on bank or country; note also holidays). In e-mail you receive together with the bill, is mentioned that your calendar data will be generated within two working days from the moment of payment of the bill. But most often it is faster.

Q Can I get your astrocalendar by mail?
A No, you can use it online on our website.

Q Can I order a calendar from a certain date (for example, pay in January, but the data for the invoice from March until next March)?
A No, the calendar will be generated from the date of payment.

Q Can subscriptions be purchased to give to someone else?
A Yes, gift cards are available. You pay for a subscription and the gift receiver registering himself must enter the code in the Note box on his Profile. Contact customer service - and we will make a deal!

Q If I have a number of companies, can I buy astrocalendar to each?
A Yes, of course. Only take into account that for each calendar you must register with a different e-mail (also suitable for e-mail aliases- for example,, , etc.).

Q What happens if I forget my password?
A Use the password recovery field and a new password will be sent to your e-mail.

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